A close-up of Kako on a cloudy day (20080426_05068)

A close-up of Kako on a cloudy day as she looks out the bedroom doors toward the patio.  You can almost hear the wheels turning inside her head as she plots her next move…

2 thoughts on “Catwoman”

  1. Your profile of Kako reminds me of another female I live with – CHLOE. (Boston Terrier). Can be a real bitch :o)

    I’ve known several males cats with UTI’s – I think it’s more common in males. I did have one female back in 1980 that had a UTI once which turned into a neurotic, territorial problem in a house with two other cats. I hope Kako responds to the diet and meds better than my female did.

    That head shot is marvelous. Yes, that’s a plotting cat.

  2. I think you’re right, Mary. Or at least I seem to remember male cats are more prone to have UTIs than are females. And all-white cats (especially those with blue eyes) are also at more risk for them, but they’re also at more risk for a lot of things (like deafness).

    Kako has done marvelously with the prescription diet. It brought the infections to a grinding halt after several that nearly killed her early on. Since then, not a single one! I’m hoping it stays that way.

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