Cats and windows go hand in hand

Vazra looking out the window on a cloudy day (20080426_04987)

Like humans in front of a television, felines can be couch potatoes when it comes to viewing the outside world.  Vazra demonstrates this with his usual Persian composure and steadfastness.

2 thoughts on “Cats and windows go hand in hand”

  1. Thank you, Mary! I think Vazra is a rather stunning cat as well.

    Rivalries? Well, to a certain degree there are some. Kako gets along with Grendel just fine, but that’s her main squeeze–and he’s the alpha, so it makes sense for the only female to cling to him like velcro. Otherwise, she gets along with no one, at least for the most part, yet she does tolerate others from time to time when it suits her.

    Other than that, the occasional skirmish takes place, but that’s normal. They get along as a general rule–assuming one accepts the pecking order and the infrequent violence it takes to keep it in place (a smack here… a hiss there… nothing major though).

    They’re really a good family. All six of the boys sleep with me (Kako selectively chooses when she’ll grace me with her presence at bedtime). All seven huddle together for treats. All seven play together in various combinations. They all vie for my lap without struggle. They’ll pack together with me when I settle down to read a book, or when I settle on the bed or floor just to spend time with them.

    In truth, they get along great. Certainly they do better than would seven people living in the same home.

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