Good puppy

Wylie running back gleefully with the Frisbee (IMG_20071230_00544)

This is glee in motion: Wylie, Rick’s dog, jubilantly bringing the Frisbee back for yet another throw.  You’d be amazed by how much he loves this game.

A close-up of Wylie as he rests in the shade between bouts of fetching the Frisbee (20080203_01885)

This is a moment of calm betwixt frenzied play.  As Wylie has grown older, it’s become necessary to manage his play more thoughtfully lest he run himself to death—literally.  He neither knows nor appreciates his own physical limits when it comes to fetching the Frisbee for but one more throw.

4 thoughts on “Good puppy”

  1. He’s regrettably grown old, at least in dog years, and he has fewer days ahead than he does behind. Still, he’s full of life, full of vitality. And he’s as sweet as honey, something that hasn’t changed in the many years I’ve known him.

    And thank you about that photo, nathalie. As for getting rid of the Frisbee, I left it for three reasons.

    First: I said long ago that altering photographs is not something I do. I said then that I understand why people do it, and I can say now that I appreciate the results when people do it, but I don’t and won’t do it.

    Color correction? Lightening or darkening? Rotating or cropping? Stylizing? Sure.

    But remove or add something? That’s not my style.

    I prefer to show what I saw, what existed when I snapped the image. Photoshopping something for presentation actually turns it into wishful thinking, something that didn’t exist and wasn’t actually photographed.

    And I’m not bashing the practice. I’m just saying it’s not my thing, not really how I like to present my own photographs. I prefer for people to see what I saw, not what I wish I had seen.

    Second: Also something I mentioned in that post is that my skills at photo alteration are terrible at best. The results of my attempts are always nothing short of an insult to imagery.

    I could learn, I suppose, and perhaps someday I will, but for now I rather enjoy not being capable of doing it.

    Third: Most importantly, having the Frisbee in the background, at least in Wylie’s case, is a significant and unalterable part of who he is. That Frisbee goes with him everywhere, is always nearby and ready for play, cannot be forgotten or left behind unless absolutely necessary. Having it in the background, to me anyway, completes the picture, reminds me of who I’m looking at, reinforces the very essence of Wylie that will always be remembered by those who know him at his most sincere: while at play.

  2. He’s so colorful! A handsome dog who will live a long and healthy life because he wants to! Reminds me of slowing Bella down so she doesn’t literally run herself to death :o)

  3. That’s it exactly, Mary! It’s like their spirits are still young and full of energy, but their bodies won’t keep up. They don’t comprehend the need to slow down a bit. That means we have to put on the brakes for them.

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