I’m in love…again

I have someone to share with you, someone talented and beautiful and worth meeting.

Although I’ve never actually met him myself, of course, I’m infatuated and beguiled.

My latest crush?  You bet!

Oh, and there are videos and songs involved…

More on this once I get my laptop back up to par and can post from a more comfortable place.

13 thoughts on “I’m in love…again”

  1. another tease post. this is like the news…Stay tuned for what’s coming up. wait, there’s probably more coming up in this newsroom than your standard one.

  2. A HA!!!!! a hint…so apparently Mr Jason has liked the transformation from Wolverine to Outback Cowboy. Wait, who am I kidding, he’s always liked the animal side 😎

  3. Aren’t you lot a bunch of humor! And pushy, too. All in due time, I assure you.

    Dearest mArniAc: I’m so sorry to hear you feel that way. Hugh will be upset by the news as well. To think he was just getting settled in here…

    But that’s not the name I have in mind, although I certainly wouldn’t say no to the opportunity.

  4. Okay, his first name is Jay—and no, I don’t mean my tattoo artist (although I’ve always had a crush on him). But that’s all you get for now. The rest of the story will arrive soon, I promise.

  5. hmmm, Jay. OK does it have to do with movies? Are we going to have to wait till you get your laptop up? Getting a little dearth here…

  6. No, not movies. He’s a musician. And if you’re on MySpace you can find him in my friends.

    Darn it! Now I’ve gone and given away the whole thing. Oh well… I’ll still share what I want to share in a future post even if the secret is out.

    And LOL! at the ‘dearth’ comment. You silly man!

    As for my laptop, it’s up and running, albeit in a crippled state. What I need to function on-line and otherwise is already taken care of; however, I still have a lot of work to do to get back to where I need to be.

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