Cat is the new black

Kako the cat looking down at me from her perch (2008_12_17_002476)

The divine Ms. Kako.  Don’t let the soft look in her eyes fool you.  She is the epitome of feline superiority.  Either worship her majesty or suffer the blow of her mighty, terrible, claw-filled fist.  Not to mention the constant bitching that can drive a man to drink.

al-Zill the cat looking outside as he sits on a cat tree (2008_12_17_002500)

Spirited and childish al-Zill.  Clumsy and impish (or do I mean ‘gimpish’?), his innocent visage belies a devilish spirit that stirs up trouble in all the wrong places.  But he’s suffered much and has faced the truth of a lifelong battle with a mind and body severely disconnected from each other.  Still, he embodies a single thought: shit disturber.

Vazra the cat lying on the bed (2008_12_17_002514)

Vazra.  He is the master of his own domain.  The world revolves around him, or so he feels, and he hasn’t the time to let anyone think otherwise.  This feline gives life to a single premise: Do as I say and not as I do.

— — — — — — — — — —

The title is a nod to Mom and Dad who last year for Christmas gave me, among other things, a throw which states emphatically: “Everything looks better with cat hair on it.”  Try having seven inside-only cats without pondering that universal truth on a regular basis…

4 thoughts on “Cat is the new black”

  1. OMG, "Everything looks better with cat hair on it." LOL!

    Your relationship with your kids is astounding and really very wonderful. In this country, I think there’s a large number of parents with human children who should take lessons in caring and intuition from you.

  2. I don’t remember where I picked up that phrase, xocobra, but it’s just another way of saying someone likes to stir up trouble. And yes, I do need to come visit. Next weekend is probably the earliest I can make it. I’ll give you a call after I get through this already hellish on-call weekend.

    Isn’t that a great line, Mary? I can’t tell you how often I’ve arrived at work only to find some blatant tuft of cat hair clinging to me somewhere not obvious to me but terribly obvious to the rest of the world. I always have to laugh.

    And thank you! I love my kids and they love me. The rest just follows from there.

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