Binging and purging

Next to reading and writing, photography is my next best passion so far as hobbies go.  But from the look of my image collection from which I select items to be shared here, that passion borders on OCD.  I have pictures dating back as far as 2005 that still linger in the “could be post material” pile.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve only recently disposed of the 2003 and 2004 collections.  How embarrassing!

I started reviewing this collection over the past several weeks.  In doing so, I found I have a great many photographs that duplicate things already shared.  I mean, how many mallard ducks or great-tailed grackles can one man post?

It’s not that the pics aren’t presentable; it’s just that I’ve moved well beyond the quality through experience and new equipment.

Therefore, I’m beginning the purge session following this binge of hoarding.

Already I’ve deleted several thousand files and still have more than 13,000 to go (that’s more than 65 GB of data).

I figure what I need to do is twofold: Get rid of what constitutes repetitive, lower-quality photos while expediting the presentation of those which warrant attention (especially of anything I’ve not shared before).

So for the next little while I intend to post some themed collections based on this rediscovery and refocusing.  And what I delete will be replaced with new images that rely on better camera equipment and more experience.

By the way, it was this process that resulted in the Birds I never knew series.  I truly am astounded by what I’ve lost in this massive reservoir of digital data.  I’m also truly astonished at the things I’ve kept over the years that I’ve already replaced with much better visuals.

I will still keep snapping photos at every opportunity and sharing here whatever seems worthwhile.  Interspersed with that, however, will be the results of my housekeeping efforts.

In truth, it’s this situation that caused me to begin a photoblog in January 2008.  I thought I could use that medium to clear the archives a bit quicker while focusing it on the images that stood out most, at least to me.  Yet it created more work I didn’t have time for, required more effort than I had to give, and ultimately burdened me with self-imposed obligations I grew to resent.

Migrating those image here (still in progress) while sweeping away things from the past to make way for things still to come hopefully will get me back on track with this whole endeavor of showing you some of what catches my eye.

3 thoughts on “Binging and purging”

  1. The same thing has been wearing me down…thinking about the thousands of photos stored that might not ever be seen again by human eyes. So two nights ago, I deleted 100 "albums" without a second thought. Ok, maybe I did think twice. There’s always tomorrow :o)

  2. I’m with you, Mary. I know I’ll take more photos and will never run out of things to share. It’s just that enormous collection of stuff going back years that I wanted to share but realized I never would, mainly because a lot of it has already been replaced with newer, better images.

    Still, I keep backup copies of every photograph I take, so I can always go back and recover something if I really think I should have posted it rather than deleting it.

  3. It’s ironic… Just LAST NITE I’m on one of my forums that I frequent and someone started a new “Game” called Photo Find. Basically, they pick a random item and whoever can post a pic of that item first, wins and gets to pic the next item. Important rule is, it has to be a photo you have taken yourself or it doesn’t count.

    How many people have a photo of a 1971 Green Plymouth Duster?? I mean seriously… And then the Texas flag that someone previously posted came into question because they didn’t take it themselves. They were just excited to be able to post.

    I went back about 7-8 months through my OWN archives to the PINKS-All Out races in Ennis. I took over 1200 pics that day. Would you believe I found a green ’71 Duster sitting there in full race trim…. slicks…. blower hanging out of the hood….. With a Texas flag canopy in the background and folks sitting under it. 😉

    Ya just never know when that ONE pic out of the tens/hundreds of thousands is going to be the one you want/need for a particular moment. I never imagined I see that pic again. *Shrug* Just sayin…

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