Views from the lake

White Rock Lake can be a marvelous and diverse place.  Each passing season brings a new dress to be placed on this urban refuge, and nature does enjoy putting on her finest at every opportunity.

A winter sunset viewed from Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake (20080119_01454)

A winter sunset viewed from Sunset Bay.  With temperatures well below freezing and a gusty wind blowing from the north, I hardly maintained control of my fingers.  They felt like so much cold clay fumbling with the camera.

The floodplain after spring thunderstorms (20080412_03172)

The floodplain after spring thunderstorms.  The lake and the creeks from which it draws sustenance overflowed their banks following torrential rains that deluged the area.  The verdant life of the season made the surreal scene all the more majestic and divine.

A bench in the shade of a tree with the lake stretching out before it (20080518_05492)

A bench facing the lake with summer pouring down with unrelenting heat.  The oppressive humidity coupled with temperatures approaching the century mark begged for a tad of refreshing shade in which to shelter.  Finding a bench on the front row of the lake’s shore made it inviting as though made of ice.

Trees dressed in gold and yellow and orange as autumn takes over the lake (157_5753_p)

Autumn paints the woodlands with gold.  This particular stretch of trees covers both the floodplain to the left and the hills to the right.  Amber, yellow and orange reign in this area betwixt the heat of summer and cold of winter.  A dash of sunshine adds the final piece to the puzzle.

Trees and a footbridge spanning a creek find themselves cloaked with snow (127_2771)

Winter blankets the lake with snow.  My favorite footbridge, a creaking, splintered wooden structure draped over a creek, finds itself wearing all white as a powerful snowstorm leaves its mark on the world.

A sunset of yellows and reds and oranges paints the sky above the lake with downtown Dallas nestled into the background (165_6567)

A rejuvenating spring sunset.  The shore beneath my feet, the lake stretching out toward the west, and downtown Dallas nestled quietly on the horizon’s left as clouds help the sun paint an unforgettable backdrop in the sky.

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