Rage becomes the blogroll

In places dark and deep rests a monster, and that monster is the culmination of those people who blame innocent creatures for the misfortune of having been introduced by we humans.  Instead of blaming us, the very guilty parties responsible for bringing invasive lifeforms to every corner of the globe, the monster seeks to shun and punish nature’s children for the sins of another species.

I admit my mood of late has plummeted into the depths of despair.  Should that be the only reason for culling my blogroll, so be it, for this action rests entirely upon those whose work I have enjoyed immensely but who as people delve to the very depths of hatred by reviling the beauty of the world simply because that beauty is not native, as though the interloper must carry the burden of what foul deeds we perpetrate.

Think a European starling is disgusting?  Think a musk thistle represents the ills of the universe?  Think a nine-banded armadillo must be abused and mistreated?

What vile fiends you are.  What ghoulish characters on the page of life you have become.

Not one invasive species can be blamed for its whereabouts.  Not one of them can be accused of unnatural behavior.

But people can.  And people are to blame for those invasive species, for the creatures only doing what nature built them to do even if those actions occur in an alien environment.

Yet so many “naturalists” are actually “purists,” cretins who feel nature can only be appreciated when it’s native in the habitat in which it dwells.  And not one of them—NOT ONE FUCKING ONE OF THEM—deigns to accuse people of any harm, but instead they badger and abuse and curse the lives of flora and fauna that would not be there were it not for the greatest virus our planet has ever seen: people.

So I’m purging my blogroll.  I’ve seen some of these people allow their dogs to torment armadillos before they themselves abused the creature; I’ve seen some of these people wish death upon an entire species of bird simply because we humans introduced it to their area; I’ve seen these simple minds express disgust at the sight of nature’s wonders only because that same person’s forefathers brought that life here to North America and let it invade the continent.

I say the disgust is misguided, the torment misdirected.  Want to blame the progenitor of all your ills?  Point those bony fingers at yourselves, at your ancestors, at the infestation of humanity that carries with it the extinction of innumerable species.

For only humans have caused extinction.  No other creature ever, in any time, in any place, has ever brought about the complete destruction of another species.

Yet I don’t see you taking offense with that…


4 thoughts on “Rage becomes the blogroll”

  1. I’m sorry to have offended you, Jason. Sorry for expressing my "ugh" for Starlings that poop Elmer’s Glue everywhere- a bird whose appetite I can’t afford to feed, a bird that creates havoc on agricultural industries… Actually, I admire the beauty of the bird. Sorry for mentioning my horror that House Sparrows mutilate Eastern Bluebirds, Titmice, Wren nestlings in competition for nesting places. I would never wish these two destructive species death. They annoy me.

    I wish you peace.

  2. No, Mary, it wasn’t you. I apologize if you felt that way.

    I don’t believe you’ve ever expressed a desire to harm any species. Sure, you’ve said you don’t like some species and you wish they wold go eat someplace else, but that’s absolutely normal and heartfelt. And I’ve told you before I think it’s your passion that makes your blog and your photos so spectacular.

    What I’ve seen recently is something else entirely (from other blogs), such as letting dogs attack an animal because it’s invasive and , wishing an entire species would die because it’s unwelcome.

    The blogs I removed did those things and more. It was like watching vile inhumanity and selfishness play out as though it was from a respect for nature. Honestly, it was disgusting.

    Again, my sincere apologies for making you think I meant you. I was angry and hurt, so perhaps I wasn’t as clear and concise as I should have been.

    Please, keep doing what you do. We’re all better for it.

    1. LOL! Jeff! I’ve been remiss in commenting at your blog. Shame on me…

      I’ll accept the TtV photos as punishment. Well, except that I actually like the TtV photos, so maybe it’s not so much punishment… Okay, well, whatever and stuff.

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