Introducing ‘All in a day’s walk’

When I talked about trying to clear the glut of photographs that I never seem to get to, some dating back years, I was silly for not realizing it wouldn’t be possible to keep up with the growing collection.  I mean, it’s not as though I stopped taking pictures in the interim.

Since over the last few weeks I’ve had some exceptional walks at the lake that yielded marvelous encounters and related images, I’m beginning a new continuing series of posts entitled “All in a day’s walk” that will hopefully enable me to somewhat keep up with my obsessive compulsion with photography (mostly nature photography, sure, but I expect other things will pop up from time to time).

Each post in this series will include photographs from a single trek that are worth sharing and that don’t have a standalone story to go with them (and there are plenty of those to come as well).

I expect some of these posts will be rather image-intensive and others will be spartan.

And since it included a creature rare in these parts that sent shivers down my spine for having seen it in the heart of Dallas, I will begin with yesterday’s hike.

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