Too much loss

Too young.

Too soon.

Too horrible to face.

A close-up of Larenti (2009_02_28_011203)

Larenti died tonight.

Maybe a brain tumor.  Maybe something else.

We just don’t know.

What goes without question is this: He began having seizures late in the evening.  Rushed to the emergency vet, his condition worsened—and it did so rapidly.

No matter the treatment offered, he stumbled down the pathway toward end.

And finally he reached his destination.

I haven’t the will or interest in saying more, at least not now.

The most recent photos of him I’ll share soon.

And stories.

And thoughts.

But for now, I plan on weeping my heart upon the altar of time that so readily takes.

4 thoughts on “Too much loss”

  1. We’re so sorry On. We let them in our heart just to have it hurt somewhere down the line. He left this life knowing he was loved.

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