What you can see

Long have I pondered the idea of publishing a book about White Rock Lake, one focused heavily on the flora and fauna everyday visitors can see if they pause long enough to notice.

Now I’m considering the idea with much fervor.

It could be entitled “What You Can See” and subtitled “An Every-Day Discovery at White Rock Lake”…  Or something like that.


[Update] Edited to add it would be a photographic book accompanied by creative writing about this urban oasis.  It would NOT be a guide of what to see and where to see it, but rather a journey through the magic of what can be seen by those who care to notice.

3 thoughts on “What you can see”

  1. A coffee table edition, oversize with lots of photos. Great idea cause you take time to actually see what others only hear about. People would be amazed at what they have right ounder their noses. Go for it!

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