put on your faces – american kestrel

Close-up of a male American kestrel (Falco sparverius) (2009_07_04_025731)

American kestrel (Falco sparverius); male

7 thoughts on “put on your faces – american kestrel”

    1. This is a wild bird, Marie. He was about six or seven feet away where he landed on a field mouse (which I hadn’t even seen because I was watching the bird). The cloudy sky behind him and the sun behind me came together perfectly–though the same can’t be said for the other twenty-something shots I took while waiting for the planets to align.

  1. Wow, amazing! Isn’t it wonderful when you get so close to these beautiful birds. I had a barred owl in my garden last winter and he let me get right up to him, I was just about 3-4 feet away (he was just above my head in a tree). He was just looking at me and seemed totally unconcerned. The smile didn’t leave my face all afternoon!

    1. I’m tickled pink, Larry! I’d love to say I’m just that good of a photographer, but truth be told it was the most profound kind of luck one could have. (And don’t look at the original photo… Oh my goodness! It’s such a blurry mess of motion that you’d hardly recognize it as a bird.)

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