put on your faces – killdeer

Close-up of a killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) (2009_06_03_021915)

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)

4 thoughts on “put on your faces – killdeer”

  1. Wow! I had never really noticed what flashy eyeliner they wear. We has a pair to try to nest in the yard at work this year. Sadly, for the killdeer at least, a snake or some other equally efficient and tidy predator got their eggs.

  2. Beautiful 🙂
    The season is changing….yesterday my garden was visited by a black and white warbler, a redstart and a kinglet! Also, the titmice and chickadees are back with a vengeance and there are always plenty of the munchkin-like Carolina wrens!

  3. Swampy: I’m right there with you on their eyeliner. It wasn’t until I got my first close-up shots of one that I saw it. How I’d missed it for so long is anybody’s guess… And I’m sorry to hear about the killdeer losing their eggs. For ground nesters, that’s always the risk.

    I hear you, Marie. I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of migrants lately. I see ducks molting out of eclipse plumage. Our summer residents are vanishing–or already have in some cases. Soon the pelicans will start showing up. I love the looming sense of change…

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