Eyes in the dark

All I want to do is change the lens on the camera.  I pull off the 400mm telephoto lens, set the camera body in my lap, retrieve the smallest lens and put it on the camera.

Meanwhile, Vazra has taken station in front of the fireplace where he sits atop a box of computer supplies I temporarily pulled from its hiding place.  He watches me closely waiting for me to notice him and give him what he wants: some attention.

So I slip the smaller lens onto the camera, twist it into the bayonet mount until it locks into place, set the camera back in my lap and pin it down with my hand while I put the telephoto lens in its carrying case.

That’s when the shutter snaps.  Oops, I left the camera turned on…

A close-up of Vazra sitting in front of the fireplace (2009_03_01_011617)

I can’t imagine ever capturing a better mistake.  That the camera was level is miracle enough, but that it focused on Vazra and had settings adequate to capture his visage in a dark room surprised the bejeesus out of me.

Maybe I should try this technique more often.

4 thoughts on “Eyes in the dark”

  1. Thank you both!

    I hadn’t thought of that, Swampy. Maybe Vazra wanted his portrait taken and I mistook that for want of attention.

    And your comment reminded me of a quote from Arthur Symons that fits this image perfectly: “It is in their eyes that their magic resides.” Obviously Vazra is to thank for the photo, not my clumsy mishandling of the camera.

  2. That is a fantastic “mistake.” I think I find that a lot with photographing cats. The best photos are just being in the right place at the right time with the right lighting.

    Vazra’s gaze is very expressive a little thoughtful and curious.

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