put on your faces – cattle egret

Close-up of a cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) in breeding plumage (2009_06_20_024031)

Cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis)

8 thoughts on “put on your faces – cattle egret”

    1. That’s a great visual, Laura! A suburban lawn in Cape May… That would be an interesting sight indeed. But I suppose if they can find food and the weather cooperates, a suburban lawn is as good a place as any to enjoy a meal. Besides, I bet even cattle egrets are tempted to do some sunbathing on the majestic beaches of the peninsula!

    1. Thank you, Larry. I’m glad you like it. I admit I was quite close to the bird, so that helped–but more importantly it helped to have such a marvelous looking creature who seemed willing to pose.

    1. For small birds, Clive, they do pack one heck of a visual punch when all that peach comes in. I wished at the time that it would raise its crest which creates a fantastic profile, yet I was just as happy to get a photo with it neatly combed back.

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