Weekend wildlife

A red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) basking on a log (2009_11_01_036490)

While I focused my creative energies elsewhere, my inspiration, co-conspirator and leader on ‘House of Herps’, Amber from Birder’s Lounge, put together the inaugural edition of our herpetol hoedown: House of Herps #1.  I can’t recommend enough that you head over and unwrap a few gifts to see what ectothermic excitement awaits.

Also, always developing from Friday through Sunday, Modulator’s Friday Ark #274 has already formed and is growing as we speak.  Visit throughout the weekend for a mighty fine celebration of critters.

[photo of a red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)]

6 thoughts on “Weekend wildlife”

    1. Thank you, Moe! It certainly helped to have a cooperative turtle for once (usually they live up to their ‘slider’ name by vanishing into the water with nary a gesture).

    1. You’re too generous, Clive. Thank you! In truth, I’m an observer. It’s rare that I miss anything when I’m photographing nature. I don’t miss the obvious, but I pay close attention to what’s less than obvious–and I’m willing to sit for hours hoping to see a wee bit of the hidden. Also, there’s undoubtedly a great deal of luck involved.

  1. Stunning photo of a stunning turtle! I’ve just been sidetracked (time I can’t afford 4 days before Christmas, but well worth it) by HoH – what a great addition to your blog. I’ll be sure to recommend it to friends. Enjoy the holiday season, all the best from a pretty hot Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

    1. Oh, no worries, Carol. Everyone is busy–with life, with the holidays, with surviving the economic downturn… Well, busy with all sorts of things.

      I’m thrilled to hear “House of Herps” found an audience with you. In truth, I wondered how well it would do when Amber brought the idea to me, but I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support both before and after the inaugural edition. Seems we might have struck a wanted chord in the blogosphere.

      And thank you so much on the photo! These turtles are quite common here, but as their name implies, they can be difficult to photograph: at the first sign of trouble, they slide into the water and vanish. (That usually happens about ten seconds before I actually see them…)

      I hope your holidays are marvelous and magical! All my best!

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