Keeping my head above water

A diamondback water snake (Nerodia rhombifer) with only its head above water (2009_03_08_012497)

Like this diamondback water snake (Nerodia rhombifer), I’m barely keeping my head above water today.  In my case, the water is me being sick as a dog.  Mind muddied and fogged.  Body rebelling against me.  Somebody put the major hurt on me, that’s for sure.

Because I have little interest or ability to do more than drink warm tea and huddle beneath a blanket, and since I never want to leave you without something to do with all your spare time, why don’t you visit a couple of fun carnivals instead of loitering around here like you have nothing better to do?

Friday Ark #278 will float your boat if you like cats, dogs, birds, or pretty much any other kind of critter that host Steve runs across in his web travels.  This is one flood of creature comforts that you don’t want to miss.

House of Herps #2 is presented by someone I’ve grown rather fond of, Ted C. MacRae, one heck of a nice man with gobs of smarts and a sharp wit.  He’s done a bang-up job of hosting the carnival centered on all things amphibian and reptilian.  Hop on over there and slither through his fantastic presentation.

[of note on the snake: it was about six feet/two meters long, it lingered patiently in the creek while I snapped a photo, and its entire length draped back through the water and seemed to dangle gently from its head]

7 thoughts on “Keeping my head above water”

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick Jason, and I hope that you’ll be feeling better soon. I have a fantasy that small woodland creatures will slip through the open window and do the cleaning for you, just like in Disney’s Snow White! And maybe make some tasty soup while they’re at it from acorns (Maybe not a good idea) and slivers of lichen and spider web stock! Well, it works in my head!!!

    Get well soon.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better by now. Are the cats taking good care of you or are they their usual “it’s all about me” selves? I guess if they make you smile and feel a little better that will do for now.

  3. Mmmmmm, still no sign of you. I’m hoping you’re just curled up under that duvet recuperating from whatever has laid you low. If you weren’t so darned far away I’d be round with nourishing soup.

    Jason I hope you’ve turned a corner and are feeling a little better today. I’ll check again tomorrow to see if the blinds have been raised and you’re up and about!

  4. Thanks, everyone! None of my limbs have fallen off and my head hasn’t exploded, so it appears I just have a nasty cold. I appreciate the concern. Thankfully I’m feeling better, so sleeping all day yesterday seems to have helped.

    I loved the fantasy, Clive! Too cute. Unfortunately, any small woodland creatures slipping in through the windows would meet an untimely demise given the six killer kitties who let me live here.

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