Silent and sudden

The world took on a new cloak whilst I slept.  Warm and comfortable in my bed, I lay unaware of the silent change taking place outside.  Yet stepping out to the patio at five this morning showed me that once again the sudden hand of nature had been hard at work.

Snow falling on evergreens (2010_02_11_049660)

Not until after day had started did I venture out to the lake.  At least three inches/seven centimeters of snow had fallen by then.  And we’re told it won’t end until tonight.

A snow-covered footbridge spanning a creek (2010_02_11_049662)

Sometimes heavy and sometimes light, one thing is certain: it hasn’t stopped.

A creek running through a snowy landscape (2010_02_11_049671)

Perhaps the accumulation will double by this evening.  Perhaps more or less than that.  While the end result is uncertain, the path is clear: snow all day.  It’s entertaining to watch Dallas respond to this—or try to respond anyway.

Open woods covered with snow (2010_02_11_049678)

And though I rarely show the city side of where I live, one thing caught my attention as I returned home this morning: a nearby parking lot as snow came heavily, a dense shroud atop the world, a kaleidoscope of gray brushed effortlessly from heaven to earth.

A parking lot filled with snow-coverfed cars (2010_02_11_049645)

I will go out later for more photos—and to enjoy the beautiful marvel unfolding today.  I will also venture out tomorrow morning to capture the finale in whatever form it has taken by then.

[all photos taken at White Rock Lake]

11 thoughts on “Silent and sudden”

  1. Wow! I guess this is unusual for your part of Texas? Hoping it doesn’t find it’s way here…we have 50″ to deal with from the past 5 days!

    Hopefully it won’t disturb the wildlife too much. The juncos, titmice and chickadees here seem quite excited when we get a bit of snow (not the horrific amounts of the last week).

    Stay warm and safe.

    1. Thank you, Marie-Ann!

      We get snow and ice several times each winter, though we get it in much smaller doses than you’re accustomed to (your recent total would kill us–literally!). The strange thing about this year is that we’ve had much more snow than ice (we usually get ice given warmth from the Gulf). Today there’s already been up to eight inches in some areas with most reporting between three and five, so this one is pushing to set a record or two.

      This snow is destined to stay in the south as far as I’ve seen. Even Florida might get some. And since this is “The South” and all, the truth is people and governments have no clue how to deal with it. Makes me glad I’m home and staying put.

      As for wildlife, these things are usually temporary around here. We’re supposed to be a few degrees above freezing tomorrow and in the 50s on Saturday. I’ve been watching the waxwings and warblers and other birds as they preen, hunt, stay warm and generally take it in stride. I wish people would be as relaxed about it!

    1. You’re a woman after my own heart, Jain! Absolutely right: snow transforms even a packed parking lot. I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of it.

  2. From the Weather Channel: “As of midday, snow already reached 4 to 6 inches in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Parts of north-central Texas could approach 1-foot accumulations before the snow ends overnight.”

    I already have seven inches around my patio. Cool! Literally and figuratively. We’re close to setting records here…

    (I know, not very impressive by northern standards, but this is really a big deal around these parts!)

  3. Stay warm Jason! This is just my third winter in MD (two in VA prior to this and 11 warm winters in the Middle East before that)! From what they say and my previous experience, 7-10″ is about the norm for here…Baltimore Airport (15 miles from my house) has recorded a record 72″ for this winter! This area is not equipped to cope with those amounts…we have been housebound for 3 days as they still have not plowed the street and snow piles from the w/e storm clean-up are over 8 feet high!

    I hope it does not get too bad for you. Stay safe and warm!

    1. It was a lot more snow than anyone expected, Marie-Ann. More than 12″ at the airport, so that’s official, but area reports have come in above that. One thing is true though: It was beautiful!

      And we couldn’t handle the kind of snow you recently had. Down here where it’s a neat temporary thing, those kinds of accumulations would kill us.

  4. It’s been the Winter of snow on both sides of the Atlantic. We had our share of it in Wales, and now your world too Jason has been swaddled in it. We have yet more in common!

    What I love about snow is the way it changes the light. I can’t bear to sleep in a room with closed curtains, and so the moment day breaks I recognise and love that snow-brightness to the light I can sense even when half-buried under the duvet. Then there’s the muffling of sound. Everything is invented anew. When the snow came this year it had already fallen to a depth of six inches before I went to bed, and so when I let the dog out for his last tinkle, instead of leaving him to it I wrapped up warmly, grabbed my camera and went out too. I was out in the garden for about forty minutes, and it was the most magical thing that had happened to me in a long while. Stygian darkness illuminated only by the flash of the camera revealing serendipitous images of the garden at night in new apparel. And then the moon came out and it was Narnia. Bliss.

    Enjoy it while it lasts Jason. And wrap up!

    1. Isn’t that the truth, Clive! This has been a winter to remember all around the globe.

      You’ve definitely hit the beauties of snow: the silence, the light, the cloak that makes old things new again. It’s a whole different way of looking at the world. It’s the quiet of the falling, the living kaleidoscope while it happens, the blanket that changes things so rapidly… No matter how many times I see it, it always looks like a brand new experience to me.

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