First dragon of spring

I saw my first dragonfly of 2009 on February 15.  This year the same species showed up almost four weeks later.  Harsh winter?  You betcha!

A variegated meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) perched on a dead leaf (2009_02_15_009740)

The variegated meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) can survive year-round in Texas if winters are mild enough.  No one can say this winter was mild.

7 thoughts on “First dragon of spring”

  1. Yay! I saw my first cricket frogs at my pond this week. Well, I saw movement and a splash…but that still made me happy! I’ve been hearing frogs at night, but not the cricket frogs. Just in time, hoping to find some good herp-material for HoH coming up next week!

    1. It’s too funny you mention the cricket frogs, Amber. I just photographed my first one of the season. Only one photo and not very good–for the same reason you point out: a quick escape–but it was nice to see the little amphibian. Yet another sign of an unfurling spring.

  2. Oh you are so far ahead of us. There are bees here and I’ve seen one brave butterfly. But the nights are clear and the ground frosts still very harsh. I had to break through an inch of ice on the horse trough one morning earlier this week.

    That’s one fine beast of a dragonfly there Jason, well worthy of the name. Beautiful, subtle colouring.

    1. Oh, it does sound like you’re still much cooler than we are, Clive. The mornings here are cool and comfortable and the afternoons are quite warm. It’s amazing to watch all the life getting out and about (albeit later this year than usual, but winter was a bit tough on us this time around).

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