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Great egret (Ardea alba) standing in the lake (2010_02_20_049991)

If there’s one place on the web that represents the most enthusiastic and diverse crowd of natural history buffs on the planet, it’s Nature Blog Network.  More than 1,000 sites are represented, each a gem in its own right, and the whole spans everything from academics and backyard exploration to spirituality and conservation.  One could spend a healthy bit of time wandering the member blogs without ever seeing the same thing twice.  To be in the company of such a dedicated and enlightening group is to be a part of family.

So I was both honored and taken aback when contacted by Wren, one of the managing personalities behind the network  Why did her missive surprise me?  Because it was an invite for xenogere to be one of their featured blogs.  Wow!  That honor includes such notables as Alex Wild, Ted MacRae, Amber Coakley and Bill Thompson III.  I suddenly felt as though I was rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

So rather than sing and dance for you here in my own crib, let’s take a stroll over there to enjoy my interview routine at Featured Blog: xenogere.  And be sure to thank the nice hosts for the bang-up job they do supporting this marvelous community of nature nuts.

[photo of a great egret (Ardea alba) waiting patiently for a meal to swim by]

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    1. Thank you, C! I think I originally came up with a few hundred representative images, but Wren reminded me that space wasn’t exactly infinite.

  1. Congratulations Jason. The honour must have been all the sweeter for the element of surprise. Enjoy it my friend. I might speak for all who call off here to enjoy this window on your world, when I say that you richly deserve the inclusion in Nature Blog Network. Bravo!

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