The fantasy

In places I do not travel you see me.  I greet you there for the first time over and over again.

No other recognizes me in your presence though I have never stood by your side.

I see your face in every crowd and wonder what you look like.

Each moment we never shared lasts an eternity in my mind and leaves me longing for just one more minute.

Your unfelt caresses tremble me; I am reduced to rubble by your every touch that does not occur.

The things you do not say but that I hear shake me as the breeze shakes the flower.  Would that I might stand as nobly as those petals.

Each time we kiss, though we have never kissed before and will never kiss again, whole worlds move and form and die and shape the presence of a universe made manifest.

Though you do not know my name and I do not know yours, we have always been together, hearts joined by a gulf of time, spirits embracing one another in this unknowing.

My soul completes with the you I have not known.

I wonder if we will ever meet.

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