Seven years, seven truths

Superb cicada (Tibicen superba) after molting (201_0150_c)

Seven years ago I could not have identified more than ten bird species.

Six years ago I did not know that velvet ants were actually wingless wasps.

Five years ago I had no idea that green anoles changed color at will.

Four years ago I was terrified of the cicada-killer wasps that surround my home each summer.

Three years ago I had never seen an alligator in person.

Two years ago I was unaware that ibises, herons and egrets nest in the middle of Dallas.

One year ago I could not have differentiated one cicada species from another.

[superb cicada (Tibicen superba)]

12 thoughts on “Seven years, seven truths”

  1. It’s not the “all knowing” (an impossible aim) but the curosity and the wonder of learning that keeps folks like you and I crawling through brush or looking skyward all the time. Beautiful shot. We don’t see many cicadas here so this is a memory jogger to me.

    1. Thanks, Mom! And I think it’s really weird that you don’t have the high cicada population like we do. With all those trees out there, it seems like it would be a perfect place for them. But you have bears and alligators, so it’s not a total loss.

  2. Lucky you – Tibicen superba just makes it into the White River Hills of extreme southwestern Missouri. It has been many years since I’ve seen this most beautiful of our cicadas.

  3. That’s hysterical, Ted. I didn’t catch that typo. ‘Superbus’ sounds like a bad 70s movie.

    This is the most common cicada species here. They show up every year. I was excited just the other day to hear the first male singing.

  4. I often skim a blog post before I really read it. If you skim over the words “ibis” and “heron” placed really close together in a sentence, then you discover that “bison and egrets nest in the middle of Dallas.”

    I want to see a bison nest.

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