A nutria (a.k.a. coypu; Myocaster coypus) looking playful as it climbs the bank of White Rock Lake (2009_04_10_014727)

A canine friend ready for a frolic.  A puppy prepared to pounce.  A million other familiar references.

This picture has always tickled me, always put a healthful smile on my face.  A trick of angle, sure, for anyone watching from a different vantage would have seen nothing more intriguing than a nutria (a.k.a. coypu; Myocaster coypus) climbing the inclined shore of White Rock Lake in Sunset Bay.

Yet my vantage, lying prostrate on the ground uphill from the water’s edge, made it look as though this behemoth rodent was in fact getting ready for some rough-and-tumble play.

6 thoughts on “Playful”

    1. No, it definitely wasn’t surprised by me, Jain. There were a lot of people milling about the lake that evening, many of them much closer to the nutria than I was. In fact, I have some photos of a woman kneeling down in front of it trying to get it to eat from her hands. The poor thing is WAY too accustomed to people.

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