A funnel web spider lurking in the shadows of its web (IMG_2694)

Like a preternatural being skulking in shadows dark and deep, she waits, beautiful and beguiling in her silken home, her image reflected about her silhouette.

— — — — — — — — — —

A funnel weaver in the Agelenidae family.

4 thoughts on “Lurking”

    1. Thanks, Morgan!

      On the setup, admittedly this is the result of the spider’s location rather than any work by me. The web is in one of the chicken coops here at the family farm. It’s tucked up beneath the metal roof at the outside wall. So the metal gives the reflections and sunshine provides the back lighting. All I had to do was notice the web, find a way to hold the camera against the ceiling, then snap some photos.

      Since I’m not artistically inclined, I’m always thankful when nature creates the art and puts it where I can find it!

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