He never met a stranger

Everything is made to be broken.  Thus rings the loudest bell in life, the piercing sound of endings that follow all beginnings.  For in this universe that shelters us, nothing is eternal.
— Jason M Hogle, Some comfort here

Sometimes words fail me.  Not often, no, but sometimes.

Let me just say that Vazra will be missed.  And not just by me, but instead by everyone who ever met him.  Why?

Because he never met a stranger.  Just ask anyone who had the pleasure of being in his presence.

A close-up of Vazra (2008_12_27_003721)

August 1996 – December 2012

Loss is a funny thing: immeasurable, though we recognize the fullness of it and know when it diminishes; uncontainable, though we can carry it in a single lifetime; and insubstantial, yet we immediately feel its weight when it rests upon us.
— Jason M Hogle, Dreamdarkers

3 thoughts on “He never met a stranger”

  1. So sorry for the loss of your furry friend, Jason. They bring such joy for the short time they are with us and always leave too soon…

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about Vazra, Jason. I’ve had three cats depart during my time with them, and it never gets any easier. Actually, I’m choking up right now as I write this.

  3. I miss his contributing to every conversation he was privy to, and his meet you at the door attitude. He was such a lover of people.

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