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Veterinary medicine could save your life

I've paid for hip surgery for Grendel, multiple urinary tract infection treatments for Kako, upper respiratory infection treatments for both Kako and Kazon, long term asthma treatment for Grendel, geriatric treatment for Henry, and the list goes on.  My pets have always been a part of my family.  They are my children.  I do not "own" them just as human families don't own their offspring.  I am the guardian of my pets, and I care for them in that regard.  Given the medical treatment I've been willing to pay for to keep the quality of life high for The Kids and other pets, I found this article on Wired to be extremely fascinating.  It's about veterinary medicine pushing the envelope of science — often to the benefit of regular medicine.

February 19, 2003 gallery update

I’ve updated the galleries with all of the existing photographs I have of The Kids and some of the other pets I’ve had in the past.  None of the pictures are recent, hence my desire to get a digital camera soon (I’m evaluating them now).  Also, I’m no professional photographer, so don’t expect anything except candid and random shots from this set.  I’ll try to do better next time.