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The Buds get their own gallery

Here's another update to The Kids' gallery.  This time it's Kazon and Loki — The Buds — who get their own gallery along with a few new pictures.

Kazon and Loki have been buddies since we adopted The Twins (Kako and Kazon).  Loki took it upon himself to try to teach Kazon how to be truly evil, but he didn't realize that it's nearly impossible to teach Kazon anything.

Despite that significant hurdle, Loki and Kazon became quick friends and spend much time hanging out — either playing or sleeping or grooming each other or any number of other activities that they share.

Now there's a new gallery specifically for pictures of The Buds.

You'll find some new pictures in their gallery.  For example, Kazon and Loki always help me when I'm in the bathroom.  Regardless of what I'm doing, they'll both be in there with me trying to assist.

You can undoubtedly imagine this isn't always the activity most conducive to actually accomplishing anything, but it is time together with The Kids and something I would not trade for the world.

Loki and Kazon (left to right) coming out of the bathroom after playing under the sink (in the cabinets) for a while. (107_0744)

That's a photo of Loki and Kazon coming out of the bathroom.  In this particular instance they had been playing in the cabinets under the sink.

Kazon and Loki helping Daddy get ready in the morning. (115_1553)

If I'm in the bathroom but not in the shower, this is where you can find Loki and Kazon — on the counter helping.  Whether it's brushing my teeth or shaving or anything else, they'll be there to provide whatever assistance I might need.

In fact, here they are waiting for me to get started so they can help.

Kazon and Loki have a morning ritual -- helping me get ready each morning before work. (115_1554)

You can find more pictures of The Buds in their new gallery.

More gallery updates

I've had a chance to get some additional updates done in the gallery.  This particular update includes new pictures and some organizational changes to The Kids' gallery.

What I decided to do is reorganize all the pictures of The Kids into more specific categories.  For instance, I've moved all of the pictures of Grendel and Loki together into a new gallery called The Boys and all the pictures of Kako and Loki together into a gallery called The Ladies.

I've also started new galleries called The Stepbrothers (Grendel and Kazon), The Twins (Kako and Kazon), The Buds (Kazon and Loki), and The Lovers (Grendel and Kako).  As soon as I finish getting these galleries organized and populated, I'll make them public.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from the most recent gallery updates of The Boys and The Ladies.

Some of the original pictures from The Kids gallery have been moved to the new galleries.  You'll see some of the oldies like this picture.

Grendel and Loki wondering why the bright light keeps flashing inside the house. (the_boys_01)

You'll also see some new photos like this one.

Loki and Grendel (left to right) hanging out on the back of the love seat. (110_1010)

Those are from the new gallery of The Boys.

I then took the same idea and created a new gallery for The Ladies.  You can undoubtedly guess that Loki won't appreciate being called a lady since he's a male cat, but he's always been a prissy cat who spends quite a bit of time worrying about how he looks.  Since he is a beautiful cat and he is quite concerned about his personal appearance, we simply assumed he was gay and therefore wouldn't mind being called female.

In this new gallery you'll once again see some of the original photos like this one.

Loki on the top and Kako on the bottom of the Loki Dream Home

But you'll also see some new photos such as the one below.

Kako and Loki (left to right) sleeping on my bed. This picture is shocking in that these two rarely get this close without some kind of ugliness between them. (120_2018)

What makes that photo so interesting is that Kako and Loki are not known for being nice to one another.  In fact, any time they get that close, there's normally some ugliness between them (some hissing, some slapping, some growling, and so on).  The fact that they could both fall asleep so close together without a cat fight erupting is a rare event indeed.

Part of this reorganization of the galleries is to help me stay better organized and to help you more easily find specific pictures of The Kids.  It's also going to allow me to begin removing some of the older pictures that were originally posted out of a lack of other options.  I want to make the galleries more entertaining by reducing the clutter and leaving the better content in place.

So, take a look at The Boys and The Ladies and stay tuned for more updates and other new galleries.

Prescription diet

All of The Kids eat a complete diet of Hill’s Feline c/d.  The bulk of their food is dry c/d, but they also get canned c/d on a regular basis.  Oddly enough, they all think the canned version is a treat — so I get to be the good guy even though they’re still getting prescription food.

Now, you might be wondering why all four of them get prescription food when only one of them really needs it.  Well, that’s a simple question of availability.

With four healthy cats in the house, it’s impossible to give one of them something without giving it to all of them.  There’s no place in the house that is off limits to any of them, so you can’t hide it or put it up high enough to keep the rest of them away from it.

For that reason, they all get a healthy prescription diet.  It won’t hurt them since c/d is very good for them (obviously).  Outside of a slightly higher fat content, there’s no reason that all of them can’t eat the same thing.  For the three who don’t have urinary tract infections, I consider it preventative maintenance.

In Kako’s case, however, it’s absolutely essential.  Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s actually a matter of life and death in her case.

Christmas 2003 gallery

I finally got time to complete another gallery update.  Having played with the new digital camera for the last six weeks or so, I think it's time to show you some of the pictures.  Keep in mind that I'm still learning about the camera (meaning I'm no professional photographer).  The new gallery, Christmas 2003, is a large update of The Kids.  All of these pictures were taken on Christmas Eve when The Kids were visited by Santa Claws.  There are a lot of new pictures in the gallery, so go ahead and take a gander.