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Vernal splendor

Flowers.  They offer a sure sign that spring has arrived.  And during my walk yesterday morning, I came across several exquisite varieties intent on sharing delightful bursts of color.

Northern catalpa (Catalpa speciosa) flower (185_8593)

Northern catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

A showy evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa) (186_8615)

Showy evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa)

Blooms of roughleaf dogwood (Cornus drummondii) (186_8623)

Roughleaf dogwood (Cornus drummondii)

A flowering wild onion (Allium canadense) (186_8628)

Wild onion (Allium canadense)

A common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) (186_8680)

Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)