Possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen in my life, Dreamcatcher is a reminder to me of why Stephen King is better read and not viewed.

Let me begin by saying that Stephen King is my favorite author.  I own all of his books and have read many of them more than once.

Going against my basic rule for movies based on books (always read the book first), I got too busy over the last two weeks to read Dreamcatcher and decided to go see the movie anyway.  It’s a Stephen King adaptation, so I would have seen it at some point in time (it’s obligatory for me, even when I know the film will be bad).

I have enjoyed many King-based films, such as Stand by Me, The Green Mile, Christine, Storm of the Century, and Carrie — to name a few.  Many of his works which are translated to film, however, get mangled in the process and come out on the big screen looking like some art experiment gone terribly wrong.  Dreamcatcher falls into the latter category.

There are so many things wrong with this movie that it’s difficult to find someplace to start, but I’ll try.

The special effects are awful.  It’s as though a child’s finger paintings were used to fill in where digital animation was supposed to be.  Who’s responsible for this mess?

The story is choppy and, as in most King book-to-film transitions, poorly written.  Stephen King’s books always take you away to a different place while you get caught up in the imagination of a genius.  I’ve never been disappointed with a King novel or story, so it’s hard for me to see where this movie was anything more than loosely based on his novel.  Perhaps people should read the book before making a movie by the same name.

The acting is atrocious.  It’s silly and wooden and predictable as some very good actors tackle some very bad parts.  Morgan Freeman, who is a personal favorite of mine, has the most underdeveloped part and comes across as a stranger in the movie — that is, a stranger to the movie, as he never seems to fit into the story.  The rest, suffice it to say, do not fall far behind him.

Overall, the movie is an appalling attempt to transition what is undoubtedly a fantastic piece of work by King to the big screen.  I have learned over the years that many King-adapted films will be worse than deplorable — they’ll force you into the bathroom to lose your popcorn and candy.  This movie is more than poorly conceived and completely unrealized, it’s an example of the kind of movie that should never be made.

I’m already forcing myself to forget it was ever made and that I ever saw it.

The movie is distant from the content, there’s no emotional connection to the audience since you never find any of the characters worth caring for, and it will leave many with a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to Stephen King works, and that’s the worst part since his writing is beyond reproach and compare.

I nearly got up and left the theater only 30 minutes into it, then regretted not having done so for the remainder of the film.

Don’t waste your money or time on this movie.  It’s nothing more than trash with Stephen King’s name put on it in the hopes of drawing a crowd.  Sadly, this movie is likely to draw nothing except flies.

Get the book and read it instead.  This is a case where I have lost more than two hours of my life in the most horrific and painful way.

One of the family

I just found out that my cousin has been deployed to Iraq.  He’s a Marine.  I won't reveal his name, unit or rank, but suffice it to say that we are all very concerned about him and all of the other soldiers — American, British and others — fighting in a distant land to protect and defend the values — and oil — we hold dear.  My thoughts are with them all.

Get out of America’s bedroom

In what will hopefully be a decisive blow to governments legislating bedroom activities between consenting adults, the US Supreme Court is hearing a case on Texas' sodomy law (Section 21.06 of the Texas penal code, otherwise referred to as the Texas Homosexual Conduct Law).  I have always believed that what happens in the privacy of your home between consenting adults is of absolutely no concern to the government — any government.  It's time for governments to stop legislating morality and bedroom activities and start dealing with matters of greater importance.  Here's hoping the Court overturns the law and brings this ugly chapter of American society to a close.

Show your support for our troops

The men and women of the military put their lives on the line each and every day to protect America, its people, and the freedoms which we enjoy.  Whether or not you support the policies that put them in harm's way, they are doing their jobs and readily putting themselves in the line of fire to protect our country (that is, by definition, what they are doing in response to orders)>

Please show your support for our troops by going here and doing as much as possible for those in uniform.  If nothing else, send an email showing you support them.