About xenogere

My name is Jason M Hogle and this is my synaptic regurgitation.  It’s about life, the universe and my kids.  There is no master plan, no overriding intent and no ultimate goal with these ramblings.  They are extemporal musings only.

I originally started blogging in February 2003 and, although my original site used a different domain, I’ve since moved everything here and have made this my new home on the intarweb.

This site is not a megaphone through which I intend to shout to the world.  It is not intended to accomplish any particular goal; it is intended to provide me with an outlet.  Writing and photography are therapeutic for me, so this site provides me a way to practice that therapy.

You can learn something about me and my life from what I divulge here.  It centers around The Kids (the four cats who are very much in charge around here), my life experiences, discovering the obvious and hidden beauty of nature by looking—really looking, and exercising my free speech by discussing topics both mundane and exotic.  Consider it my personal sanity maintenance.

What you read and see here is real.  I am me.  I have no gimmicks, no lies, no tall tales to tell.  What you see is what you get with me.  That’s the idea behind this site.  It allows me to be open, honest, frank and sincere with you.  If I wanted to tell lies, I’d either run for president or follow in the footsteps of Stephen King and write fiction (the latter I’m doing, by the way).

This is my cathartic outlet.  There are things here which may entertain you and yet others which may piss you off.  If there is any luck involved at all, some of what you read here may actually make you think.  Remember that the impact on you is collateral damage only as I do not post here with the intent of eliciting particular responses from my readers.  I do, however, welcome all feedback and dialog.

You should always feel free to let me know what you think by sending me an email or leaving comments on any of the posts.

a life in progress