The Kids

The term The Kids always refers to the animals who share my home and life.  Time marches on, so members of The Kids change, but regardless of who’s involved, they are my children.  You can always see all of the posts related to my kids by going here.

There’s currently one furry friend running things around here.

Close-up of al-Zill

al-Zill is the most recent addition to the xenogere homestead.  I first met al-Zill in early May 2007 when he began visiting my patio for a free meal.  A petite cat at the time, I suspect he was no more than a year old.  Almost a year later he appeared with a gaping wound atop his head, his body no longer able to respond to the wishes of his mind.  Wounds from head to neck would define his existence to come: Feeble, simple, impish as a child trapped within an adult’s body.  I rescued him as soon as I could, and he has since become the rambunctious, childish, meddlesome feline who stirs up trouble at every opportunity.

a life in progress