About me

My name is Jason M Hogle.

Technology worker, published nature photographer and writer living in Jefferson, Texas.  Just ran headlong into my forties.

Work too much and need more time away from that so I can focus on more important things.

Listen more than waiting to talk.

The Kids, my cats, are my children.  I think they know more about living than we do.

Love body modifications like piercings and tattoos.

Prefer jeans and tees to slacks and dress shirts.

Dark sense of humor, although not always.  Maybe it’s just different than most.

Good with secrets and look for the same in others.

Try not to take myself too seriously.  Life’s too short for that.

Nice mostly, but can be dangerous if necessary.

Swear, perhaps too much or not enough.

Dying city boy and emerging ruralist.

Writer and novelist, photographer, observer, naturalist.

Lover, friend, brother, son, familiar.  A thinker, too.

Not enough for you?  See the extended edition.

a life in progress