I have a few things to say

But I'm too tired to say them.  Sorry, poppets.  I just don't have the energy this evening.

So, to placate your selfishness, I made this post just for you.  It comes with all the latest features: comments, a title, an author, a date and time stamp, and some buttons that do stuff.  I spared no expense.

Be appreciative and play with this one for a while so I can get some sleep.

What a yummy day

It's been hot here.  Yes, this is Texas, so one assumes a certain amount of uncomfortable heat when living here.  That doesn't mean record-setting heat doesn't grab our collective attention.  Over the last few weeks, that is precisely what we have had: >100° F (37.8° C) each day with enough humidity to make it oppressive.

Then along comes a cold front.  Ooh la la…

After significant thunderstorms last night preceding the front (and those were very cool), this morning was some 20° below what it was yesterday at the same time.  Wow!  What a difference a day makes.  It has been cloudy and cool — high of 73° F (22.8° C), clearly 30° below what it was yesterday — all day long.

I'm really looking forward to winter, as I told Jenny earlier today, and have grown quite weary of the heat which seems to drain every bit of energy I have.  The longer you're out in it, the less you're capable of doing.  And it's boring.  Day after day, clear blue skies (if you ignore the haze), excessive heat and humidity… Yawn.

I prefer winter.  I like cold temperatures.  I like the precipitation options.  It's just better.  Today served as a reminder that changes are afoot, that the seasons roll on in an endless chain of transformation.

Working late

I just found out I'll be working late this evening.  Allow me to say that I wholeheartedly dislike this situation.  That being said, I also realize who pays the bills around here.  I pretend it's me.  Don't we all?

I've been tasked with a silly, boring, executively visible, multilaterally self-preservationistic, and otherwise managerially challenged herculean effort to justify the existence of the company's IT support staff.  OK, it's not really that, but if you listen to the scuttlebutt you'll quickly find many believe that's precisely what it is.

To be honest, it's all of that save everything after "… to justify the existence of …"  That's true of any tedious bit of dancing at the behest of the group executive.  As I said, "Politics, by its nature, retards every system to which it is applied." That includes business.