Happy New Year 2006!

It’s finally happened.  2006 has been thrust upon us like a cheap whore on your 18th birthday.  Checkuary has finally arrived and the impetus is on us to make the best of it.

I hope each of you enjoyed the 2005 holiday season.  I hope this new year provides you with opportunities galore, all the chances you might need to really live.  It falls upon us to make the most — the best — of the time we’re given.  2006, if 2005 was any indication, will pass so quickly that many opportunities will be missed as they fly by while we are not looking.  The most you can do is seize today and act upon it, make it the most important time that will ever come (since it is), and ensure that you not lay your head to rest at night with any regret for the day now behind you.

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.