Officially ten years old

The Boys, Grendel and Loki, turned ten years old yesterday.  I was remiss in not posting something then, but I’m making up for that shortfall now.

From nine years ago (using a disposable camera, which should be obvious):

Loki and Grendel sitting in the kitchen
Loki lying on a box and Grendel lying on the floor in front of him

From three years ago:

Grendel lying in a box and Loki lying on the floor next to him
Silhouettes of Grendel and Loki lying on different levels of the cat castle

And from a few days ago, here’s Grendel:

A close-up of Grendel's face in natural light

And here’s Loki:

A close-up of Loki's face in natural light

Happy birthday, boys!

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