When they were kittens

There are times when I wonder what I was thinking when I decided to trash certain photos.  That’s never more true than when I go through old images of The Kids as I have done recently.

Let’s be clear: I have thousands of photographs I’ve taken over the years.  There are many taken before digital cameras, and there are just as many taken afterward (and growing).

I suspect there are scanned images I thought were too poor of quality to be presentable.  But don’t we all have such images that still capture some moment in time that we never want to forget?  I thought so.

That leads me to these photographs taken more than eight years ago with a disposable camera.  They show the then recently adopted Kako and Kazon hanging out with Grendel.

As the newly appointed alpha cat following Henry‘s passing, Grendel obviously was the best choice for befriending by the two sickly kittens.  Also, he’s such an affectionate cat who loves attention that he was happy to have some new fans who would hang out with him.

Please note these pictures were taken shortly after Grendel’s hip surgery for bone spurs.  That’s why his rear quarter looks like it had been shaved and was just starting to regrow fur.

First, Kako resting against Grendel while he kisses Kazon’s head:

Kako and Kazon as kittens resting with Grendel

Yes, that reflection on the left side of the photo is my fat finger hanging out in front of the lens.  Now you see why I never claim to be more than an amateur photographer.  Very amateur.

Here’s a similar shot taken a day or two later.  They’re right back on the afghan Grendel loved so much (it has since met its match in cat claws and been discarded).

Kako and Kazon as kittens resting with Grendel

That clueless little face staring at me is Kazon.  That’s the same blank look I mentioned after the first photo on his page.

Christmas 1998 rolled around a few months after I adopted The Twins.  The tree skirt, as you might have expected, made for a welcoming bed.

Kako and Kazon as kittens resting with Grendel on the Christmas tree skirt

You can see Kako sleeping against her man while Kazon nestles against her.

And here’s a different moment in time when The Twins had already fallen asleep together under the tree when Grendel decided to join them.  It wasn’t too long after this picture was taken that the kittens awoke, realized he was there, and moved to join him.

Kako and Kazon as kittens resting with Grendel on the Christmas tree skirt

Kazon has his back to the camera in that photo while Kako, just on the other side of him, is already showing her white roots and distinctive white-but-black fur motif.

Around the same time The Twins were adopted, Derek purchased a new computer.  The box it came in made for plenty of feline fun.  Here’s Kazon on the box, Kako on the floor beside it, and Grendel lying in front of them.

Kazon on the box, Kako on the floor beside him, and Grendel lying out in front of them

In the box, as you can see, are several toys and a paper sack.  Now that’s so much cat entertainment that it gives me chills just looking at it.

I’m sure you’re wondering by now why Kako and Kazon didn’t likewise hang out with Loki.  That’s simple: He’s the devil and had no time for pleasantries, so he often beat up on the new kids in the house just for the fun of it.  If they were in the way, they’d regret it.  If they had something he wanted, similarly they’d regret it.  And the list goes on.  Would you expect less from the god of mischief?  Still, that doesn’t mean there are no photos showing them together.  Take this one for instance:

The kitten Kako trying to lie on my lap while Loki walks all over her

That’s Kazon trying to nap on my lap while Loki trounces him with his innocent-yet-intentional lack of concern for the kittens.  His mind was focused on his own needs, as it is at all times, and he decided he wanted my lap.  But the tiny ball of fur was in the way, so he got walked on until he finally left.

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