Cold air works wonders

A blustery, significant cold front moved through North Texas today.  It carried with it the threat of wintry precipitation and the season’s first freeze, albeit these things might well never visit us here in the metroplex. . .  Or will they?

Anyway, the point is not the weather; it’s Larenti.

For the first time since I started leaving it on the patio a few months ago, I found her just now resting comfortably in the cat carrier.  The one I hope to use to rescue (trap?) her in when the time comes to help her escape her life on the streets.

I can’t claim she’s never been inside it before.  I’m not home 24/7, you know.

But she’s in it now.

In it with a warm towel to curl up in to stay warm.  In it where the gusty wind is held at bay.  In it where safety is a commodity to be measured rather than to be hoped for.

She’s in it.

That’s what I know, what I see.

Capturing her is a breath away, a hair from my body when I step outside.

Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, but she’ll soon be in my grasp.

Then it’s off to the vet for tests, vaccinations, examinations.

Her trip from the outside world to an inside existence of pure love and protection is a wink away from reality.

Wow!  I’d considered but never assumed a bit of cold air could push the process forward so rapidly.

Yet here we are.

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