Unseen disruption

After realizing I needed to revamp my photoblog, xenogere unseen, I promptly found several new ways to approach the site.

Unfortunately, they all require a major revamping of the architecture.

This doesn’t mean any posts or comments will be lost.  However, it does mean the site will be essentially crippled while I make the transition.

Once I implement the new theme and presentation system, all existing posts will be blank save the existing title, content and feedback data.  The images will be lost, though, and I can’t help that.

It’s only temporary.

One by one each entry will be updated for the new system, after which the pictures will show up fine.

Remember this if you run over there and see a big ol’ mess.  The disarray is temporary, and I promise to do my best to get everything restored as quickly as humanly possible.

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