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Fish hatchery

Constructed in 1930, the old fish hatchery at White Rock Lake is a constant joy for me.  Why?  Hell, I don’t know.  I just like it as an architectural structure.

The fish hatchery at White Rock Lake

It has some flavor to it, some aura of an age long removed from my life.

The fish hatchery at White Rock Lake

Not only is it a classic structure, but it’s also built into the side of the hill that forms the lake’s spillway.

The fish hatchery at White Rock Lake

I should mention it rests within a fabulous section of the park where many species of wildlife can be seen.  In fact, it’s a favorite spot for birders.  Yet I’ve seen more than avian wildlife there, more than the native monk parakeets and loons and pelicans and cormorants and so many different birds I could never name them all; I’ve seen foxes and bobcats and armadillos and coyotes and a litany of other spectacular creatures who frequent and live in the area.

But still… there’s just something about that building…