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To my friend Henry

You may have already seen Henry's pictures in the gallery.  If not, take a look.

My mother and I had always said that Henry would outlive the entire family, and he certainly gave it his best shot.  Luckily, his health declined quickly, so he did not suffer needlessly.

When he reached the end of his journey with me, it was devastating.  He had been a companion for such a long time, and he was truly a friend — always there, always faithful, always loving.

Needless to say, I cried like a baby when I had to take him in and have him put to sleep.  It was the best thing for him, though, as he had grown quite old and was beginning to suffer.

I am quite compassionate when it comes to animals, so I cannot see one suffer or deal with a poor quality of life.  I will always do what's best for my pets.

I was so emotionally distraught the morning I was taking him in that I needed to somehow quantify my feelings before they got out of control.  The result was a simple web page that expressed how I felt and provided a simple outlet for the raw emotional trauma I was experiencing.

Remember that this was my first web page, so don't expect bells and whistles.  In honor of Henry and the many wonderful years he shared with me, I've put the page back up on this site.  If you're interested (and before I boohoo all over again), you can see the page by going here.

February 19, 2003 gallery update

I’ve updated the galleries with all of the existing photographs I have of The Kids and some of the other pets I’ve had in the past.  None of the pictures are recent, hence my desire to get a digital camera soon (I’m evaluating them now).  Also, I’m no professional photographer, so don’t expect anything except candid and random shots from this set.  I’ll try to do better next time.