Hello, world!

I’ve decided to go live with this site and continue the development work on it simultaneously. My ego-driven opinions simply can’t be bottled up any longer.

This site is intended to give me an outlet for my personal interests and endeavors. That includes working out/weightlifting and “getting buff” (well, trying to get a better body at least), tattoos, body piercing, personal politics, science and technology, news, The Kids (the four cats who run my life), terrorism and national security, my opinions on everything I feel is worthy of a response, and anything else of interest that might pop up from time to time.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a blog about the doldrums of my life, although such things will be included from time to time even as I bedazzle you with my outspoken points of view on everything under the sun.

This site will be adaptive and evolving, as I don’t stay content or satisfied with anything for very long. It’s still under construction right now, and it’ll likely be that way as long as it’s up and running.

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for my rants and raves about anything of consequence.

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