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How quickly we evolve (basically meaning how quickly I change my mind about things).  Below is the original intro page to this site (viewable while I was putting the finishing touches on this version of the site engine).

Makes you wonder what the hell I was thinking, huh?  Needless to say, I decided to merge my idea for [my .net domain] with the idea for this site, greatly simplifying my initial web design work and allowing me to go live more expeditiously.

I also decided to drop the Egyptian religion idea since I couldn’t possibly have much to say about it that hasn’t already been said in a thousand other places.

Finally, I also lost interest in the attitude I originally attempted to portray. Rather than affecting it, I decided to just be myself and let my natural sense of superiority shine through.

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Hey, hello and howdy!

I’m Jason, and this is one of my spots on the web.  It’s intended to give me an outlet for my personal interests and endeavors (as opposed to my professional side).

If you’re wondering what in the hell I’m talking about, let me ‘splain you.  Here’s what this site is for…

  • working out/weightlifting and
    getting buff (well, getting a better body and hoping buff is the end result)

  • tattoos (I already have six and am working on ideas for more, but all things in moderation)

  • body piercing (I have six of these as well and have a few more ideas)

  • personal politics (you’ll learn I’m quite outspoken and expect people to use common sense [meaning I’m always disappointed], so my politics normally end up being pleas to stop the general stupidity that drives America’s political machinery)

  • news (whatever I find interesting)

  • my cats (you’ll come to know them as my kids)

  • ancient Egyptian religion (something I’m entirely fascinated with)

For those of you who lurk about trying to find your next fix of eye candy, yes, you can expect a gallery with pictures of my tattoos, my pierced body parts, my cats, and my workout progress, to name a few subjects.  I’m looking at digital cameras now and hope to have one in the next weeks.

You should also expect to see anything else of interest that might pop up from time to time.  Yep, that’ll likely include a blog (in some manner of speaking, although it may just be my rants about whatever).

You can bet your ass I’ll be exercising my First Amendment rights.  If I insult you from time to time, don’t expect an apology, as I strongly believe I should be able to speak my mind without worrying about the stupid politically correct establishment taking me to court for bruising someone’s ego or offending some idiot’s sensibilities.  As I always say, I may not agree with (or may entirely abhor) what you’re saying, but I’ll absolutely defend your right to say it (just remember that I’m always right).

Basically, expect the unexpected as well as the expected.  I am adaptive and evolving and always learning, so expect this site to be the same (except for the learning part, I suppose).

If you’re interested in my more professional persona (yes, I do have a professional side), take a trip on over to [my .net site] (the site’s not up right now, but it will be once I get my act together).  There you’ll find news and information concerning my professional endeavors, including technology and computers, science, the Internet, development, national security, terrorism, and anything else that seems at least somewhat related.

I’m working diligently on getting this site rolled out as quickly as possible.  This is my first web development endeavor, so it should be an interesting journey if nothing else.  It’ll always be under construction, so check back often.

– Jason

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