I don’t always know what I’m going to say until I’ve said it (typed it, really, since I’m much better with the written word than I am the spoken).  Because I often care less about what I say and more about how I feel after I’ve said it, it’s difficult for me to always define a topic to fit what eventually takes form on the screen while I’m updating the site.  For that reason, I’ve decided to create a new topic, Ramblings, to be used for my personal synaptic spills which don’t fit neatly into other topics — or which really have nothing to do with anything except my emotional or psychological state.

Although I almost always remember the exact words of a conversation or of some portion of my mind which spills out onto a page (whether real or virtual), I more clearly remember how I feel afterward, hence the importance (to me, at least), of having put something in writing.

Since I am an incredibly emotional being, not to mention my staggering intellect (not to be mistaken with my enormous ego, right?), my Ramblings will encompass a great many aspects of my true self, although I do not possess a clear representation of what that means at present.  I simply realized that this site now provides me with an outlet which heretofore had not been available to me.

Since I find the release and comfort of communicating the things that are going on in my head (regardless of whether there is a recipient of that communication or not), I believe this “pseudo-blog-like-but-not-quite-the-same-thing” section of my site will be an excellent exercise for me.

I will promise you that this new section will not be an attempt to drag you through the drudgery of my day-to-day existence.  That would be entirely “yawn.”

I cannot promise, however, that it will not be a rollercoaster of content.  Unlikely to be updated daily, it’s bound to be as describable as the motion of a leaf caught in the wind — sporadic, random, almost definable before chaos once again takes the reins.

When it comes to this new section, simply remember that the only thing predictable about my personality is its unpredictability.  As I always say — expect the unexpected.

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