The Buds get their own gallery

Here's another update to The Kids' gallery.  This time it's Kazon and Loki — The Buds — who get their own gallery along with a few new pictures.

Kazon and Loki have been buddies since we adopted The Twins (Kako and Kazon).  Loki took it upon himself to try to teach Kazon how to be truly evil, but he didn't realize that it's nearly impossible to teach Kazon anything.

Despite that significant hurdle, Loki and Kazon became quick friends and spend much time hanging out — either playing or sleeping or grooming each other or any number of other activities that they share.

Now there's a new gallery specifically for pictures of The Buds.

You'll find some new pictures in their gallery.  For example, Kazon and Loki always help me when I'm in the bathroom.  Regardless of what I'm doing, they'll both be in there with me trying to assist.

You can undoubtedly imagine this isn't always the activity most conducive to actually accomplishing anything, but it is time together with The Kids and something I would not trade for the world.

Loki and Kazon (left to right) coming out of the bathroom after playing under the sink (in the cabinets) for a while. (107_0744)

That's a photo of Loki and Kazon coming out of the bathroom.  In this particular instance they had been playing in the cabinets under the sink.

Kazon and Loki helping Daddy get ready in the morning. (115_1553)

If I'm in the bathroom but not in the shower, this is where you can find Loki and Kazon — on the counter helping.  Whether it's brushing my teeth or shaving or anything else, they'll be there to provide whatever assistance I might need.

In fact, here they are waiting for me to get started so they can help.

Kazon and Loki have a morning ritual -- helping me get ready each morning before work. (115_1554)

You can find more pictures of The Buds in their new gallery.

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