Some recent site changes

I've made some changes to the site that will hopefully be well received.

I decided to turn the Guestbook on again.  I originally turned it off almost a year ago because I had other areas of the site that I wanted to focus on.  As fate would have it, I finally realized that the Guestbook could be a great way for people to communicate with me in a more public manner than the contact me page allows.  I'll watch it for now and, if it turns out to be unnecessary, I'll turn it off again.  Please note that, due to its having been turned off for so long, I cleared the original Guestbook entries so that there wasn't such a large date range with no activity.

I've also created a new Archives block on the left side of the site pages that should show links to the previous 10 articles (those which have most recently been bumped off of the front page).  I hope this is an easier way to see recent posts without digging through the whole Archives section or the individual Topics trying to find recent articles you may have missed while they were on the front page.

Finally, I've turned the comments function on again.  This enables you to leave public comments on my posts.  I'm hoping this will provide another public forum for discussing or commenting on the site content.  I'll watch this closely to ensure that it doesn't get abused.  If it turns out to be unnecessary, I'll turn it off — again.

Note that comments will only be available for new articles as I have no intention of editing all of my previous postings in order to turn it on.

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