Check out some new pics of Kazon

Kazon has been on my case recently for not updating his gallery, so I sat down today and posted some new pictures of him.  Hopefully now he'll leave me alone (not likely!).  Read on for details.

Yes, I'm still going through all of the new pictures I have.  I've just finished going through the pictures of Kazon and have posted the best ones in his gallery.

Perfect shot of how Kazon will roll up with a catnip toy and lick it when he's feeling happy (which is most of the time). (103_0317)

Kazon is a very happy cat.  He loves to play with the catnip toys like the cigar he has in this picture.  The funny thing is that he tends to roll around and play with it only momentarily before he decides he loves it — and begins kissing it like he's doing in this picture.

I sat down to watch the news when Kazon happened to notice that my lap wasn't occupied. (104_0472)

When I sit down (anywhere), Kazon will eventually end up in my lap.  In this picture, I had just sat down to watch the news when Kazon noticed my lap was available for occupation.

A great shot looking up at Kazon while he stands on the bathroom counter. (107_0766)

As I've mentioned before, Kazon loves to help me in the bathroom.  I had grabbed the camera to take some pictures of him in there when I snapped this one looking up at him.  I thought it turned out well.

Kazon will reach out and touch you to get your attention (notice the talons!). (107_0769)

When Kazon wants to get my attention, he'll reach out and gently touch my face or shoulder (that's if the crying didn't make me stop and take notice).  Despite the talons you see in this picture, he's quite gentle and never hurts me.

A close-up of one very happy cat. (107_0778)

This was taken while I was playing with the zoom on the camera.  Although he wasn't doing anything exciting, I thought it turned out to be a rather unique and cool picture of him.

I keep saying we share everything around here, and this is a perfect example of how a cup of water becomes community property. (109_0939)

As I've said before, everything in the house is community property.  A simple cup of water seems to be the favorite with all of The Kids.  This is Kazon getting a refreshing drink from Daddy's water.  You can also see Grendel lounging on the couch to the right and Kako passing by beneath the table on the left.

Kazon loves to sleep on my shoulders when I'm working at the computer. (112_1214)

When I'm sitting at the computer, the keyboard tray tends to keep my lap from being available, so my shoulders become the next best option.  Kazon is the only cat in the house who will actually sleep up there.  He simply wraps himself around my neck with his head on one side and his back legs on the other.

I was petting him in the kitchen and pulled my hand away just in time to take this picture (yes, he's a happy cat!). (112_1228)

I was petting Kazon in the kitchen and pulled my hand away to snap this picture.  Can you tell he's a happy cat?

Could you say no to someone who ever so gently touches your face to let you know he cares? (119_1999)

As I mentioned above, Kazon will gently touch my face or shoulders to get my attention.  Here's a great shot of him letting me know he's there and he loves me (more like letting me know he's there and is expecting some attention).

Every time I sit down, this is what I have to look forward to. (121_2134)

This is truly classic Kazon.  No matter where I am or what I'm doing, if I sit down, this is what I can look forward to.  Kazon will come lie in my lap with his face as close to mine as he can get.  He'll lie there and look at me in this entirely loving way until he falls asleep.  Part of it is pure love — plain and simple — while another piece of the equation is that Daddy's lap is the safest place in the house.

By the way, that’s Loki‘s back you see on the armrest.  He wanted nothing to do with the disgusting display taking place behind him.

Well, those are the major highlights from Kazon's gallery update.  You can see the rest of the new pictures starting with the second-to-last picture on page 2 of Kazon's gallery.

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