Too many Random Thoughts

I've had some folks complain (dare I say bitch?) about how difficult it was becoming to view the Random Thoughts archives.  When you click on the "See previous Random Thoughts" link in the bottom of the Random Thought box on the front page, it shows you the last ten entries.  But if you click on the "See all" link at the top of that page, it then builds a new page to show you all of the entries — about 397 as of today.

After trying this little experiment once or twice, I realized precisely what people were complaining about.  It was taking about one full minute for the page to build and even longer to download and render.  That's just not acceptable.

What I've done is removed all of the individual entries and have created monthly summaries of the Random Thoughts.  This should clean up the Archives (since there will only be one Random Thoughts entry per month) and will simplify the process of viewing all of the previously posted entries.

See, I do listen.  Now shut the hell up!

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