What a pleasant surprise

Much to my surprise, I found my DSL had been turned on yesterday — a week before it was scheduled for activation.  I was quite surprised that SBC had seen fit to grace me with an early service date given that they had screwed up the schedule and couldn’t find a way to override the dates in their system.  I think it goes without saying that I’m happy to have DSL again.  Dial-up internet access sucks no matter how you cut it.  For someone like me who sends and receives tons of e-mails on a daily basis and does quite a bit on the web, dial-up significantly cramps my style.

3 thoughts on “What a pleasant surprise”

  1. Yes, it certainly is.  I'm not assuming things are going to turn around now, though, as I've learned that life has no interest in being fair and enjoys nothing more than deluging people with more than they can handle (this I know from first-hand experience).

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