I guess I’m a Cingular customer now

After being an AT&T Wireless customer for many years, the Cingular acquisition of AT&T Wireless closed yesterday.  I've always been happy with AT&T for my cellular service, so I'm quite interested to see how Cingular will handle this.  Thus far they've said that the only change we'll see is the name on the bill.

They intend to combine both services under the Cingular brand by the end of November, only a month away, so it will be interesting to see what happens.  There are things about Cingular's service that I like (such as the ability to roll minutes from month to month; I did pay for them, right?), so perhaps in combining the two entities we AT&T customers will be given an opportunity to enjoy some new benefits.

For those AT&T customers like me, there's a new site where you can get updated information on the acquisition — newcingular.com.  It does say that AT&T customers will soon get to take advantage of things like Rollover Minutes, so perhaps this won't be a bad thing.

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