Pat Robertson version 3

Oh, Pat Robertson, leader of the Christless Cult and many blinded followers who have not a single clue…  How shall I denigrate thee?  Wait!  You've provided all the ammunition one might ever need for such an endeavor.

I considered whether I should even grace Pat Robertson with yet another STFU entry.  You may remember that he has received my wrath twice before, both times pointing out his flawed and laughable attempts to be a spiritual leader while demonstrating the most reprehensible sins imaginable.  It is therefore with a smile on my face that I am again offered an opportunity to point out his latest wicked transgressions.

Driven solely by his selfish financial aspirations and dubious morality, I originally pointed out some of Pat's questionable activities and the public attacks he was levying against others — despite the suddenly apparent skeletal remains attempting to vacate his overcrowded closet.  But, alas, it didn't stop there.  I was forced once again to mention a few new and interesting Robertson moments, including his public denunciation of America and blatant wish for the destruction of the US State Department (via a nuclear device, mind you).

It was, as you can imagine, with some level of both bemusement and amusement that I heard about the militant bible-banger's recent statement asking for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president.  Yes, even I was forced to pause momentarily when I realized he was indeed calling for a state assassination.  It seems a rare event for a religious leader to call for the death of anyone, yet Robertson has done it on many occasions (see my previous posts).

Lest we forget, poppets, we generally call this kind of religious fanaticism by its true name: terrorism.  Why is it then, when Pat Robertson incites hate and terrorism, that we do not act in accordance with the precedent set by the current administration?  That is, why is he not already on his way to Guantánamo Bay to spend some time in the Cuban sun?  Is that not where we send terrorists?  Do not attempt to fool yourself on this issue.  If this statement had been made by an Islamic leader, America would have invaded another country by now to put down the terrorist threat.

The reason, sadly, is that Robertson commands a personal audience with Bush.  As horrific as that may seem, it would appear that Pernicious Pat is indeed "on the in" with the Dubya régime.  Despite prosecuting others who have incited hate and promoted terrorism, we certainly won't touch Pat for doing such a thing.

Alas, it is not just Bush and his closest cronies who worship the ground Robertson spits on.  The entire Republican party appears to long for the smell of blood that Pat brings to the table.  The consummate hunter of those who are different, he leads the new Church Party in their quest for vengeance and wrath — all in the name of their lord.

The twinkle in my eye is a result of the nearly hysterical tap dancing Brother Hate has demonstrated since he first made his comments about Chavez.  Just two days after speaking out in support of terrorism and attempting to draw forth a state assassination, Pat blatantly lied by claiming he had never made such a remark.  He insisted that what he said was "misinterpreted."  Of course they were (said with a knowing wink and nod).  And yet, only a few hours later, he reversed his position in a press release, claiming instead that his comments were nothing more than vented frustration.  And this is the kind of religious leader America looks up to?  One who lies so easily when the contradicting facts are quite clear and a part of public record?

Perhaps, in his world, inciting hate and violence and publicly promoting terrorism are all admirable activities to be encouraged in anyone dipping their toes in unholy water.  Perhaps…  Perhaps instead it is a case of "do as I say and not as I do"…  Again, perhaps…

I realize, since he believes people like me are to blame for all of the world's woes, that my words will carry very little weight in the Robertson School of Hate and Terrorism.  Despite this, I offer these words in the hopes that at least one other person on the planet will see him for the hate-mongering, bigoted, hypocritical heathen that he is.  Pat himself will be unable to see through the fog of his own hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, and evil-tainted soul, but I'm still forced to say it.

Pat Robertson — shut the fuck up!

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